The Web Elemental Processor SIMulator

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WepSIM is a simulation software for teaching Computer Structure that offers many advantages, among them:

Students gain an integrated vision of microprogramming and assembly programming

Student can use it in many devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)

Students can easily check "What will happen if..."


Improving accesibility: WCGA 2 (AAA)

Dependencies among signals

Model based on signals and states...

Compare among architectures, firmwares, and assembly programs

Comparing hardware, firmware, ...

Get WepSIM

For Linux, Windows, MacOS, and iOS, WepSIM is available as Wep Application.
On Linux (or similar Unix systems) there is a command-line version of WepSIM.
And on Android, it is also available from the Google Play Store:
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WepSIM for Linux:

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WepSIM for Android:

Google Play

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Getting Started

A typical session with WepSIM has the following steps:


WepSIM can be deployed as a Progressive Web Application (a.k.a. PWA).
The steps in order to install WepSIM on iOS as Progressive Web Application are:
The steps for installing WepSIM on Android as Progressive Web Application are:


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  • WepSIM: simulador integrado de microprogramación y programación en ensamblador
  • Javier Prieto Cepeda, Félix García-Carballeira, Alejando Calderón, Saúl Alonso-Monsalve
  • XXVII Jornadas de Paralelismo (JP2016), Salamanca, Spain, September, 2016.
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Javier Prieto Cepeda
Author 2 thumbnail image
Saúl Alonso Monsalve
Author 4 thumbnail image
Alejandro Calderón Mateos
Author 3 thumbnail image
Félix García Carballeira